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"My Pets" is a family run business with operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and throughout the Middle East region.

The company was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs who have a strong passion and love for animals. With over 15 years of experience in raising and training pets of all types, the establishment of “My Pets” was the next logical step to share that passion.

Since it’s establishment “My Pets” has grown from a single family run store to becoming the largest distributor of speciality pet products in the Middle East.

My Pets is truly your One Stop Pet Shop with all your needs catered to with all the below products and services available:

My Pets Store:
We carry thousands of popular and specialty pet supplies and accessories of the highest quality to provide owners with the means to give their pets, a truly happy and healthy life. “My Pets” is one of the largest distributers and whole sellers in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

The following products and services are available at competitive rates without compromising on our high standards of quality.

  • Pet Food
  • Pet Supplements
  • Pet Accessories
  • Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Delivery Service
  • Pick and drop services
  • Online purchases through Baqala & Awal Pets application

My Pets Grooming:
Our state of the art grooming Salons/mobile grooming salons and pet care services are run by a professional team that share their knowledge and help owners and their pets build confidence and trust in each other, all while keeping their pets healthy and happy.

My Pets Veterinary Clinic:
Our highly experienced team of professionals specializes in Food Nutrition, Breeding, Grooming, and Animal Physiology. Rest assured, we are ready to take on any challenge that you may face with your pets! Our ultimate goal is to raise the standard of animal products and services supplied not only in the Kingdom of Bahrain but in the entire Middle East.

The below services are provided at My Pets Veterinary Clinic:

  • Vaccination
  • General Checkup
  • New Pet Examination
  • Consultation
  • Microchipping
  • Deworming
  • Ear infection treatment
  • Minor eye treatment
  • Routine upset stomach treatment
  • Ultrasound
  • Routine respiratory treatment
  • Routine bladder infection treatment
  • Dental scaling
  • Routine skin treatment
  • House call
  • Blood test
  • Routine surgery minor and major
  • X
  • Ray

Our suppliers are considered our partners and we put in equal efforts to market all the brands we represent. We are proud to supply the most famous International brands of pet food, pet care products and many other products such as Midwestern (Earthborn, Pro pack and Sport mix) USA, Monge/Gemon (Italy), Groom Professional (UK), Dr Clauder’s (Germany), Vetworthy (USA), Gimborn (Italy) , Ziwi ( New Zealand ) any many other well-known brands for accessories , toys and supplements .

Our team is ready to take the lead in any challenge to provide our customer's pets an environment where they can live healthily and happily. Every animal deserves the safest, cleanest, most comfortable experience we can provide. Our clients trust in our care, and we aim to make our exclusive academy a second home for their pets.

Show room & grooming
+973 32272277
Clinic & appointments
+973 39452112

Main office :

Building 3541,

Road 4563,

Block 645,

Hawrat Sanad,

Southern Governorate

Kingdom of Bahrain

Phone :+973 17536617

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